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Train your brain, while you relax to be wonderful! That’s our mission and this website ist all about helping you build your mental fitness to fulfill your potential and perform at the highest level.

To achieve this we use and spread NLP, dialectics, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, tapping and relaxation music.

You’ll  find relaxing, hypnotic trances, relaxation music and videos, tools and information on NLP, hypnosis, dialectics, mental fitness and brain training.

Click here and you find relaxation music played with Sansula, Kalimba, guitar and shaman drum, often combined with sounds of nature!

Click here to learn about the Self-Mastery-Technology, featuring Strategic Mind Messaging sessions from Dr. Patrick K. Porter, Tom Oberbichler and other self-help experts combined with binaural beats, isochrone tones and light effects!

Click here to find NLP and hypnosis workshops with the best trainers, including Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna!

Individual High Performance Training with NLP, Self-Hypnosis, Dialectics, Tapping and Relaxation Music

Individual High Performance Training with NLP, self hypnosis, dialectics and relaxation music is an excellent and proven way to achieve big goals and changes in a short period of time.

Using the model of NLP we support you in making your dreams big and fulfill them.
You learn to focus on, discover and apply solutions while you utilize resources that you already have within you.
Change comes very fast and easy with relaxation and High Performance Training.
It’s your choice whether you want to benefit from our DIY-tools or from individual personal training sessions.
We help you to find out what you really want for your life and show you ways to get the life you want.

It does not matter, if you start with your personal life, your love life or your career – you are the center of your universe and unlimited opportunities are waiting for you.

You get rid of unwanted behavior.
You overcome situations that seemed to be overwhelming.
You manage your stress level in a positive, productive way.
You optimize your decision strategies.
You enhance your motivation strategies.
You set and achieve goals.
You choose the right direction for your life.

These are some of the areas you can address successfully with individual relaxation and High Performance Training sessions.

This is all about you, your wishes, your needs. This is about you taking good decisions and moving on from problems to solutions, from questions to answers.

We offer multiple ways for you to benefit from individual relaxation and brain training sessions:
1) Get an individual relaxation and brain training mp3 with Strategic Mind Messaging!
2) Get an individual relaxation and brain training session via Skype or phone with your relaxation and brain training coaches Christiane Chris Pape and Thomas Tom Oberbichler!
3) Sign up for your free 7-Day-Trial of the Self-Mastery-Technology site and benefit from 500+ Creative Visualization and Relaxation Sessions!
4) Participate in life-changing NLP and hypnosis workshops with Dr. Richard Bandler and other outstanding NLP-trainers!

It’s up to you. Make your decision and choose to live the wonderful way!

Be wonderful! We help you to excel!

Tom Oberbichler

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